Warders Cottages - Window & Door Renovation.

Master Suite

Weld Club


Western Australia.


Master Suite: Replacement acoustic glass and seal.


F. Fairweather & Son

Palassis Architects

"The Weld Club was founded at a meeting at the Perth Town Hall on the 8th of August, 1871, and it was very much along the lines of the exclusive gentlemen's clubs in London. The new club building was officially opened by Governor William Robinson on 22 December, 1892.. "It was named after Mr Fredrick Weld, later Sir Frederick, who was the Governor of Western Australia from 1869 to 1875."

According to the Australian Heritage Register, "While other private clubs were formed in Perth in the 1890s .. the Weld Club was the most prestigious and exclusive". 

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Improving Energy Efficency and Reducing Noise.

Acoustic treatment windows.

Insulated pockets. Widen groove for acoustic glazing.

weld club renovation.