London Court Window Renovation.

Parliament House,

Western Australia.


Phase 2

5 Arched Windows



Palassis Architects




5 rotten windows.

Arch WindowsArched Window.

Rotten Arch Window.Rotten window.


Glass & Sash Removed

Glass Removed.Support old frames for renovation.


Resin Frame Repairs.

Applying Epoxy.Epoxt Sill Repair.

Epoxy Resin Bonded to timber.

Replacement Jarrah Sill

Replacement Jarrah SillReplacement Jarrah Sill.


Repairing The Old Sashes

Rotten sash.Paint Stripping.

Replacing sash bottom rail.Tennon cut for bottom rail.

New bottom rail.Primed sashes.


Completed Windows.

Repaired windows.Restored mouldings.

Completed window repairs