London Court Window Renovation.

Shipwreck Galleries


Western Australia.


Pre-paint service inc.

Paint Stripping; Epoxy Resin Repairs; Replacement Joinery; Glazing


Palassis Architects

McCorkell Constructions

The Western Australian Museum — Shipwreck Galleries is recognised as the foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere.

The Museum is housed in 1850s-era Commissariat building and has since been restored to its historic glory. Steeped in history, the galleries house hundreds of relics from ships wrecked along WA’s treacherous coastline, including the original timbers from theBatavia (wrecked in 1629), the de Vlamingh plate, and also countless artefacts from the Dutch shipwrecks ZuytdorpZeewijkand Vergulde Draeck.




Repairing Rotten Timber Sash Windows.

Rotten sill and sash. Rotten timber sill and sash removed. Fremantle.

Authentic Like For Like Replica timber sash. Replacement sill and Sash. Oregon (douglas fir).

Replacement like for like timber sash. Fremantle


Removal of Failed Lead Based Paint & Timber Repairs.

Loose flaky lead based paint. Safe lead based paint stripping.


Lead based paint removal. Pre paint service.Pre paint service completed.  Lead paint stripped. Epoxy resin repairs.



Glazing & Putty Pointing Repairs


Loose missing putty.

Renew putty pointing to timber sash.

Replace broken glazing on timber window.


Louvre Repairs and lead flashing

lead flashing and timber repairs.Lead flashing and timber repair.